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Are you tired of having no energy?

The best way to up your energy levels is to first of all realise where your lack of energy is coming from, and once you discover where the problem lies there are plenty things you can do to resolve the energy dip. If ongoing fatigue isn’t fixed then your everyday life will eventually be affected as well as leaving your body vulnerable to illness and infection.[Read More]

When beauty goes wrong...

I’m curious what springs to mind when I put the following phrases to you: Patchy tan. Brittle nails. Problematic skin. Unnatural make up. Forget the curiosity; beauty gone wrong is more than likely your first line of thought! These issues are all things that can be avoided, not only by being pro active and doing certain things, but also by not doing certain things.[Read More]

Fight off the cold snap this winter!

Although it’s quite nice to think of nights by the fire with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate, it’s not so nice to think of days spent with tissues attached to our noses and Lemsips on a constant drip down our raspy throats (I am one such victim at the moment and feeling oh-so-sorry-for-myself!) Although it can be inevitable that we will succumb to the one of the 200 cold viruses that does the rounds on our islands, there are a few ways that we can put up a good fight against this habitual winter illness.[Read More]

Overcoming Anxiety

It can be difficult to acknowledge when we’re anxious because the majority of us lead busy, demanding lives and are probably in a semi-permanent state of anxiety most of the time! Acknowledging that we are not invincible is paramount.

[Read More]

How to prevent and treat spots and acne

I’ll never forget someone saying to me once, “Who’s your friend?”  After looking behind my back and to the side of me like a total idiot it dawned on me - they were referring to my spot![Read More]

The truth about cellulite

‘The orange peel’ effect has got to be one of the most derogatory terms attached to the modern day woman; ‘the cottage cheese’ effect is a very worthy runner-up.[Read More]

How to find the perfect skincare routine for you

Your skin is one of the most essential parts of your body to look after: yes, that means more important than obsessing about your hair and nails! Both your hair and nails are dead, whereas your skin is the largest breathing organ in the body and is very much alive and needs looking after.[Read More]

Staying safe in the sun

It’s a fact that when the sun is shining our spirits are lifted; our moods are lightened whilst the mundane routines of everyday life are abolished as a result of the transition from spring to summer.[Read More]

Preventing premature ageing

Ageing skin has got to be one of the most talked about subjects in the beauty industry. While the celebs talk Botox, chemical peels and face lifts in La-La Land we talk skincare and lifestyle factors in the real world. And let’s face it; we all want to stay looking as young as possible.[Read More]

Perfecting your make up

Creating that effortless made up look can take years of practise; each and every one of us women at some point experience the blotchy look/the orange jaw line look/the explosion of ghastly colours that suit no one but the Macdonald’s clown look![Read More]

One for the men!

I feel it’s becoming more socially acceptable for a man to appear to be conscious of their appearance, health and well-being – long gone are the days when it was considered feminine to wear slim line clothing and to go to a hairdressers as opposed to a barbers for a haircut![Read More]

Massage your way to better health and happiness

Having worked in the beauty industry for about 3 years now I have noted some misconceptions when it comes to the more hands on treatment that is massage.[Read More]

Make up that lasts from A.M to P.M!

For those of you who don’t have the luxury of that enviable thing that we call ‘spare time’ when it comes to making ourselves glamorous I have devised an article aimed just for you![Read More]

Looking after your body and mind throughout and after pregnancy

Before I put the Stornoway rumour mill into over-drive, this article is not based on personal experience or a pending experience! However I have noticed a baby boom in our little town and thought an article towards pregnancy was very appropriate this month.[Read More]

Looking and feeling your best for your wedding

You’ve decided on the venue. You’ve set the date. You’ve started tearing each other’s hair out about guest lists, who’s sitting next to who at the dinner and whether to opt for the chicken or the beef on the menu.[Read More]